Date:    December 31, 2018
To:        Security/Compliance Officer
From:  Bob Wright,CEO
Re:        2018 Audit Report

Please find attached Magic-Wrighter’s 2018 Annual Audit Report, including the NACHA Audit Report, Internal Audit Report, PCI Attestation of Compliance and Report on Compliance, SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type 2 Audit, Third Party Network Security Assessment, Business Continuity Executive Summary, CPA Audited Financial Statements, and Insurance Certificates.

Magic-Wrighter provides ACH, RDC Check 21 and credit card processing services to its clients and, therefore, is subject to several independent audits.

Magic-Wrighter has included the independent audits conducted, even though your organization may not use all of the services offered by Magic-Wrighter. The enclosed information is confidential as described in the Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by your organization. The information is provided to assist our financial institutions and their business customers (private or public businesses, schools, municipalities, non-profits, and other organizations) in formulating an opinion on the safety, security, and business continuity of the services that are provided.

If your organization does not use all of Magic-Wrighter’s services, you should make the appropriate notations to your internal auditor, regulators and examiners.

Magic-Wrighter contracts with multiple certified third-party audit firms to perform its required PCI Level 1 compliance security audit, SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type 2 Audit, Annual Penetration Test, Network Security Assessment and monthly system vulnerability scans. The Auditors’ findings are enclosed.

Magic-Wrighter contracts with a certified third-party CPA to perform an audit of its financial statements. A copy of the 2017 CPA audit is enclosed, along with the most recent 2018 financial statements. The company’s 2018 CPA Audit will not be available until audit completion, which is estimated to be June 30, 2018.


Bob Wright

Robert Wright President/CEO

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