ACH Direct


ACH Direct delivers an all-in-one, business-class solution for ACH payroll direct deposit, cash management transfers, pre-authorized debits, vendor payments, and more. Designed for increasing the relationship depth with your financial institution business customers, Magic-Wrighter offers a complete suite of tools.

Web-hosted with intuitive navigation, this batch-based platform enables your financial institution to compete in the commercial marketplace and retain your most valued business account relationships. Dual controls, risk-limit management, prenoting and multifactor login creates a secure, low-risk environment and NACHA-compliant solution. Detailed reporting and auditing features enable your institution to closely monitor each business client’s activities. ACH Direct is the essential foundation for a successful treasury management and business e-banking program.

Generous training and sales support is available from our expert teams, plus best practices guidelines. Let Magic-Wrighter help you launch your ACH platform with ease.

Benefit from:

  • Extensive ACH origination for all popular entry class codes.
  • Increased business account retention
  • ACH solutions that will grow your commercial services and revenue generation opportunities.